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Tiatr is Goa's best-loved theatre form, a Konkani Drama influenced by Portuguese time. Here is the list of Top 10 Women Artist on Tiatr stage in Goa.


1. Regina Fernandes, 2. Annie Quodros, 3. Chitra Shirvoikar e Afonso, 4. Olga Pednekar, 5. Antoneth Demello (Antoneth De Maina), 6. Janet Almeida, 7. Anita Fernandes, 8. Jessie Dias, 9. Diana Fernandes & 10. XYZ

Tiatr is a type of musical theatre popular in the state of Goa on the west coast of India as well as in Mumbai and with expatriate communities in the Middle East, London and other cities where Konkani speakers have a considerable presence. The dramas are performed mainly in the Roman Konkani dialects and include music, dancing and singing.

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1. Regina Fernandes , First Women on Konkani Tiatr Stage

In the olden days women were not allowed to go to school, work and to participate in any of the social ceremonies. Regina Fernandes was the first lady who acted in konkani Drama (Tiatr ). Her first Konkani Tiatr was Bhattkara Written and Directed by her husband Joao Agostinho Fernandes. She then became inspiration to all the ladies who wanted to make their career in tiatr academy.


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Regina Fernandes was the first lady who acted in konkani Drama (Tiatr ). Her first Konkani Tiatr was Bhattkara Written and Directed by her husband Joao Agostinho Fernandes.


2. Annie Quodros

Earlier Tiatr were known as Plays (Khel). Annie Quodros started her career in Tiatr Academy soon after her S.S.C in 1975 where she acted as vamp in Darun Ostori, and a dowry victim in Doth. Now she is popularly known as ‘Pearl of the Konkani stage’. Her first konkani drama VCD PEARL.


3. Chitra Shirvoikar e Afonso

Shes is known for her singing star. She acted in many Tiatr’s but her famous hit Tiatr Saath Panvdde was staged in Kuwait. Shes is also a Vice President for higher secondary school Goa. Her day starts at 4 in the morning and ends at night. She believe in this very strongly where there’s a will there’s a way.


4. Olga Pednekar

She is known for her political songs and has been awarded as a political queen. She has worked with many artist and now she and her husband Anil Pednekar both paired together and also directing their own tiatr, VCD and CD.


5. Antoneth Demello (Antoneth De Maina)

Antoneth Demello is popularly known as Antoneth De Maina in the field of Tiatr Academy . She started acting at the age of 17. Her first Tiatr was with Milagres De Chandor and later on with many other directors .She performed in foreign countries like Abu Dhabi, Dubai, London, Kuwait, Qatar, Germany and states like Mumbai,Pune etc.


6. Janet Almeida

Popular comedian artist Janet Almeida has worked with many directors including her husband in the tiatr academy. She has also worked in many konkani VCD’s with other comedian Artists like Agustine, Sally, Joana and Selvy. Her Hit tiatr which was showcased in Kuwait corruption kabar


7. Anita Fernandes

A very dedicated artist from a very young age .she was debuted first in Menino’s production as a college girl since she was studying she took a break from tiatr to complete her assignments but the love for konkani stage bought her back in the limelight with a boom she joined price Jacob production in 2007 .she played in many VCD’s as a comedian.

At the age of 5 she debuted in her fathers production as a young child artist. She was the first lady who stepped in foreign countries to showcase her talent in the form of tiatr. She still looks very young and so charming while acting as she is been given a role of young artist due to her personality.


8. Jessie Dias

Jessie Dias who mostly lead the role of mother in law in Tiatr. She once told and thank her audience for all the support that they have given her. She even told about her poverty in her local language that she still remember and have not forgotten and will not forget. She proudly tells that shes coming from the village of Father Agnel.


9. Diana Fernandes

Child artist Diana Fernandes loved to sing songs in English and Konkani. As a child she used to sing in weddings after the toast. From here she was recognized as a singer she bought up her children with the little income she got acting in tiatr. Besides having lot of difficulties in terms of lack of transport and lack of facilities at that time.


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