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Goa is probably the famous Tourist destination because of the sandy beaches and great atmosphere. Tattoo Goa : Tattoo Parlors have also mushroomed to offer an added touristic service.

Gone are the days tattoo and piercing was once in the alternative life. Now people make tattoos for every reason. Whether it is for a loved one or for fun.

In most tourist spots in Goa, you will see people looking for affordable, safe and hygienic way to make tattoo in goa.

There are few apprehension that making tattoo is not at all safe. This is driven by demand for complex and sometimes dangerous artistry coupled with greed for money to perform such complex tattoo work. This sometimes results in many skin problems later.

There are still genuine tattoo artist, tattoo shops, tattoo parlor, tattoo center in north goa and south goa who have made their reputation over the coming years.

Here is a list of Top 10 Tattoo Studios in Goa

  1. Gupta Tattoo Studio 

With over 13 branches in Goa, Gupta Tattoo Studio is unarguably the KING of TATTOO in Goa. Gupta Tattoo Studio was setup by Mr. Vinod Gupta (The Best Tattoo Artist in Goa ) in the year 1988.  He is featured in Navhind Times as well. There clientele includes who’s who of the Bollywood, Southern Film industry and celebrity from all walks of life.

This best tattoo studio in goa houses few of the Best Tattoo Artist in Goa.

Gupta Tattoo Studio is the best choice for hygienic tattoo service in goa at most affordable cost.

An award winning top 10 tattoo center in goa is in our list of Top 10 Tattoo Studios in Goa.

   :  Baga Branch, Near Kamaki, Tito’s Club, Tito’s Lane, Baga, Goa
  :  [email protected]
  :   +91 98235 59821
  :   10am – 2am  (mid night)

  1. Moksha Tattoo Studio

Next in our list of Top 10 Tattoo Studios in Goa is Moksha Tattoo Studio in Goa, established by Mr. Mukesh Waghela.  Mukesh, who is most famous tattoo artist in goa, obtained a professional degree in tattoo making from Thailand tattoo school. Moksha Tattoo Studio has 4 branches.

The main branch is across Calangute with experienced international tattoo artists in goa. His forte lies in custom tattoo art work where his creativity is explored. He is also a part of tattoo festival in goa and across country as a judge. Mukesh has also inked celebrities some of them are Chris Gayle, Raghu Ram and many more.

He conducts tattoo sessions in goa, tattoo workshop in goa and tattoo training in goa at his own Moksha Tattoo studio in Calangute Goa.

   :  Calangute Beach Road, Near Baga Circle, Calangute, Goa
  :  [email protected]
  :   +91 098817 73312
  :   11am – 11pm  

  1. Sandy Tattoo Studio

Sandy Tattoo Studio says that it is not only a medium of income but passion what makes them drive. Sandy Tattoo Studio, among Top 10 Tattoo Shops in Goa, is equipped with all the latest graphics and designs to assist in tattoo and piercing.

They house few best tattoo artist in goa.

Sandy tattoo center in goa is rated third best studio in our list of Top 10 Tattoo Studios in Goa.

   :  Shop 4, Near SBI Bank, Calangute Beach Road, Calangute, Goa
  :  [email protected]
  :   +91 95526 66999
  :   10am – 11pm  

  1. Andy’s Tattoo Studio

If you looking for Best Tattoo Shop in Anjuna Goa, Andy’s Tattoo Studio should be your preferred choice. Andy, finest tattoo artist in goa,  started in the year 1983 at the age of 16 and has learnt by himself the art of tattooing. This Top 10 Tattoo Center in Goa specializes in cover-ups and fractals.

Andy has worked across India and internationally in countries like in Holland, Sweden, Italy, England, and Thailand. Andy has also won the awards like First 2001 Isle of Man Tattoo convention Best Female Tribal and First 2000 Guernsey hog wash tattoo convention Best Large Male.

Andy, the finest tattoo artist in goa, have to be in Top 10 Tattoo Studios in Goa for establishing  a great tattoo parlor in goa. 

   :  North Anjuna Beach, Goa 403509
  :  N.A.
  :  N.A.
  :   +91 98223 86969
  :   10am – 7pm 

  1. Ramesh Mehndi & Tattoos , Panaji, Goa

One of the best Mehndi & Tattoo artists, fifth in our list of Top 10 Tattoo Studios in Goa. Ramesh, one of the best tattoo artist in goa, is the founder of Ramesh Mehndi & Tattoos Goa. One of the few Tattoo Center in Panaji, Goa.

Ramesh Mehndi & Tattoos, among the best tattoo parlor in goa,  are the perfect for the every occasion. Whether it’s an event, corporate party, marriages or any other event.

You search for traditional mehndi artist in goa, temporary tattoo work in goa or even a permanent tattoo center in goa should end here at one among the best top 10 tattoo studios in goa.

   :  18th June road, Panjim, Goa 403001
  :  [email protected]
  :   +91 95033 16561
  :   Open 24 Hours

Following queries might have brought you to this post:

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  • What is the price of tattoo in goa?
  • How much does a temporary tattoo cost in goa?

The answer to the tattoo cost in goa related question is – It depends.

But usually the least cost for 2inch by 2inch tattoo work should be something around ₹ 3000. You are advised to ask respective tattoo studios in goa for their rates.

Let’s continue to our list of Top 10 Tattoo Studios in Goa.

  1. Ink Baba Tattoo Studio

Ink Baba tattoo studio, among Top 10 Tattoo Parlor in Goa, is unique and most demanded tattoo studios for its creative tattoos and piercing in Goa which defines every individual.

Goal of this tattoo parlor in goa is to make every individual comfortable in their first time experience or you are tattoo collector. Their best tattoo artist in goa are known for quality tattoo work in goa.

Ink Baba Tattoo Studio in Goa is the only Tattoo Parlor in Goa in Top 10 Tattoo Studios in Goa list, located at Arambol, Goa.

   :  Arambol Beach, Pernem, Arambol, Goa
  :  [email protected]
  :   +91 98923 98949
  :   10am – 10pm  

  1. Inkfidel Tattoo

A tattoo studio which provides with high quality custom tattoos in variety of styles and art. Inkfidel tattoo won awards like Winner of Puma’s Pimp My Sole Contest in 2010, Winner of the PMA contest for Out Of Step Books in 2014.

Indfidel Tattoo have few most famous tattoo artist in Goa with them.

Another Tattoo Parlor in Anjuna, Goa in Top 10 Tattoo Studio in Goa.

   :  519/1, Anjuna Mapusa Rd, Bouta Waddo, Assagao, Goa
  :  [email protected]
  :   +91 98204 15684
  :   2am – 10pm 

  1. Tattoo Laboratory

This Top 10 Tattoo Shop in Goa is located in Siolim, Goa. Tattoo Laboratory are experimental in their tattoo design work. This tattoo center in goa have hygienic tattoo machines and few finest tattoo artist in goa.

   :  H No: 1188, Bamonwaddo, Next to Lakshmi Narayan Temple, Siolim, Goa
  :  N.A.
  :   +91 98221 88053
  :   10am – 10pm  

  1. Kraayonz Tattoos Goa

Tattoo Shop in Goa known for temporary tattoo in goa and permanent tattoo in goa.

This Tattoo Parlor in Goa is new inclusion in this edition of Top 10 Tattoo Studios in Goa.

   :  Shop No.14 & 15, Carienca’s Shoping Complex, Main Rd Naika Vaddo, Calangute
  :  N.A.
  :  N.A.
  :   +91 98337 74648
  :   10am – 10.30pm  


Ajax Ontario, an award winning and most upscale Tattoo & Piercing artist in Goa, is the owner of Dragon Ink Tattoo Studio. Dragon Ink Tattoo Studio ( finest tattoo parlor in goa ) offers quality tattoo work like Tattooing, Body Piercing, Aftercare products, Body Jewelry, Promotional Merchandise & T-shirts, Art Work, and Photography.

Our last listing in Top 10 Tattoo Studios in Goa.

   :  Next to Plantain leaf restaurant, Naika Waddo, Calangute, Goa
  :  [email protected]
  :   +91 98225 87890
  :   9am – 11pm  

Additional Listing in Top 10 Tattoo Studios in Goa

  1. Krish Tattoo Studio Goa

Krish Tattoo Goa Studio, among best tattoo parlor in goa,  have certified tattoo artist. They specialized in custom black and grey color designs. Krish Tattoo Shop in Goa is a reputable tattoo studio in baga calangute goa.

   :  Next to Infantaria Bakery, Baga Rd, Calangute-Baga Road, Calangute, Goa
  :  [email protected]
  :   +91 98605 97442
  :   11am – 11pm  

  1. RK’s Ink Xposure Tattoo Studio

Tattoo Parlor in Goa,  among famous tattoo artists in goa, located at Baga beach.

Wait listed Tattoo center in goa for next revision of  Top 10 Tattoo Studios in Goa.

   :  Baga Branch, Near Kamaki, Tito’s Club, Tito’s Lane, Baga, Goa
  :  [email protected]
  :   +91 97646 80075
  :   10.30am – 11pm

  1. Kuku’s Tattoo Parlor

This tattoo parlor in goa is near Calangute beach. Kuku’s Tattoo Parlor in Goa offer temporary tattoo in goa, permanent tattoo in goa and piercing in goa.

   :  Hotel Park Avenue, Opp McDonald’s, Calangute, Goa
  :  N.A.
  :   +91 78754 40188
  :   11.00am – 11pm

  1. Blazing Ink Tattoo Studio

Another tattoo shop in goa from Calangute. Blazing Ink Tattoo Studio (the tattoo parlor in goa ) is new addition to our list of Top 10 Tattoo Studios in Goa.  Tattoo artist in Goa with remarkable tattoo design work.
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   :  Shop no 17, Near Sun Flower Hotel, Beach Road, Calangute, Goa
  :  [email protected]
  :   +91 94049 29064
  :   Open 24 Hours

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