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Not usual crowded but a bit of Off-beat yet Popular, Famous Historical & Heritage Places of Interest


1)Mormugao Fort 2)Museum of Goa 3)Corjuem Fort 4)Reis Magos fort 5)Cabo De Rama 6)Aguada fort 7)Figueiredo Mansion 8)Goa Chitra Museum 9) Natural cave 10) Titan gate & Viceroy’s Arch are top historical sites in Goa worth visiting.

Goa has a rich tradition and culture. Goa is famous for its touristic attractions like famous beaches, most popular heritage sites like forts, tramples, churches. Here is the list of  Top 10 Historical Places In Goa, you would love to visit and explore.

  1. Mormugao Fort

Mourmugao fort is located in the Heart of Goa’s largest city by population, Vasco De Gama. Vasco is mainly the first place people visit being its proximity to Goa Airport. Mormugao fort is located at a distance of just 15 minutes from Goa Airport. Mormugao fort is internationally recognized for its Marine Trade in Goa

  1. Museum of Goa

I remember in school I visited this place for picnic. I, My friends and teachers loved this visit as we got to see different things like art gallery of ancient stories, sculptures, culture, different people from all over the world. One of the worth visiting place in goa in our list of Top 10 Historical Places In Goa.

  1. Corjuem Fort

Aldona, a beautiful village in North Goa is also known for Corjuem Fort. It takes atleast 1 hour to go to Corjuem fort from Panaji. This square in shaped fort was built at the time of Rane Rajput in the 19th century. The fort has become popular for its beauty and greenery surrounded all over.

  1. Reis Magos fort

Reis Magos fort, among famous monuments  in Goa, is located in North Goa on the bank of Mandovi river, near Panaji – the capital city of Goa. It is managed by Goa government to maintain and preserve its historical significance. Opened for public in the year 2012. It was built in the time of Portuguese along with the Church in the year 1900. Its is now a major tourist destination and is being preserved as cultural heritage site in Goa.

  1. Cabo De Rama

5 years back I visited this place when I was in my college. I remember, me and all my collage friends have planned about this trip a month before. We were so excited that we bunked our college that day. Cab De Rama is a very quiet picnic spot in Goa surrounded by beach, and have small shops, pubs, local people and restaurants for all necessary things.

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  1. Aguada Fort

Aguada is known for for the prisoners main jail in Goa .The word Aguada means water. Aguada is one of the famous Hollywood and Bollywood film shooting places in Goa. Aguada fort is very famous one of the most popular tourist destination in Goa to watch sun set. It has famous Taj hotel along side.

  1. Figueiredo Mansion

One more popular heritage sites in Goa, this Ancestral House is situated in Loutolim in South Goa district. Figueiredo Mansion was built in 1960’s. It is well kept with a friendly and knowledgeable guide. The furniture is also antique and ancestral. One can spend hours here. They take ₹ 200 for the entrance. The owner is very welcoming and take interest in explaining each and everything in detail.

  1. Goa Chitra  Museum

The ethnography depicting the graph of old ancestral life and their tradition as to what items they used to use for farming purposes. They are re-utilizing and recycling the materials like woods works, window, pillars, railing and other material things. It is maintained in such a way that it reminds you of organic farming this is one of the popular heritage sites in goa.

  1. Natural Cave a.k.a Rivona Buddhist Caves 

Next in our list of Top 10 Historical Places In Goa is Natural Caves at Rivona village in South Goa, on the way back from cave on the way back from Netravali Waterfalls. Stone tools found in these caves shows the existence of early men who used to hunt for food. Caves in Goa narrate the life of a human being as to how slowly slowly they started developing and agriculture came in to existence. Developments have helped the early men to see their most beautiful creations on earth.

Look for Harvalem Caves or Pandava Caves on the way to Sankhali, North Goa. It is said that Pandav’s from Mahabharata have stayed here. One of the historic place to visit. If you like caves this is the place, good spot for photo shoot.
  1. Viceroy’s Arch

The arch was built in the name of famous explorer Vasco De Gama. It was then reconstructed by his grand son who was the Governor of Goa from 1597. The arch is situated at just 5 minutes walk from Basilica Bom Jesus Church in Old Goa. Best time to visit here is mornings.

Add-on to our list of Top 10 Historical Places in Goa :

  • Titan Gate

Titan gate is located on the highway of Verna Industrial area NH-17. Verna Industrial area houses many industrial units like Cipla, Dlink, Digisol etc.

Hope you like this list of Top 10 Historical Places in Goa, some of popular heritage sites in Goa are in list of World Heritage Sites by UNESCO.  These famous monuments are fast becoming most sought after places of interest in Goa.

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