10 Best Raincoat Brands in India for Men, April,2023

For query Best raincoat brands in India quora here is the list of Best Raincoat Brands in India for Men. Whether you’re splashing about town or trekking through a monsoon, you must have either of these best raincoat for men from the 10 best raincoat brands in India 2021.

We’ve all worn a trash bag in a pinch. And while almost anything is better than being soaking wet, nothing beats a purpose-built raincoat with the right combination of features and price to meet your needs.

Let’s begin our review for branded raincoat online shopping in India. Wildcraft raincoat, duckback raincoat, and decathlon raincoat are among the best raincoat brands in India.


Top 10 Best Raincoat Brands in India 2021

The raincoat market is not brand-driven in India. Still, there is a section of buyers who are brand concious. For them we have made a list of the Top 10 Best Raincoat Brands in India for men & women :

Raincoat Brands in India Rank10 Best Raincoat Brands in India 2021
10Solimo ( Amazon Brand )
List of Top 10 Best Raincoat Brands in India 2021

From the above raincoat brands in India, we scoured the internet, spoke with brands, and researched a wealth of online reviews to narrow down the top contenders for the best raincoat for men in India. Then, we tested the best of the best to determine which contenders stand out. We looked at materials, features (stretch, durability, breathability, packability), price, and more.

Scroll through to see all of our recommended buys or jump to the category you’re looking for:

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10 Best Raincoat for Men in India 2021

Here is the list of Top 10 Raincoat for men in India 2021, you can buy raincoats online at Amazon India.

Highest Reviews
10 best raincoat brands in india for men, april,2023

Columbia Men’s Solid Rain Jacket – The Best Raincoat brands in India

Keeps you bone-dry. Crummy wet weather? No problem. That is, when you’re wearing this WATERPROOF and stain-resistant outerwear by legendary Columbia!

Columbia brand raincoat for men
More info +
9228 Reviews at Amazon.in
Starting ₹ 3,657₹ 3,657
Best Rating
Columbia men's watertight ii jacket at amazon. In by goatop10

Columbia Men’s Watertight II Jacket

Watertight II Waterproof Breathable Rain Jacket
Top-notch rain protection in an ultralight package
Abrasion resistant chin guard will help your chin against skin chaffing , its gives you carefree zipper closer.
Fully sealed seams keep moisture from seeping in
More info +
3573 Reviews in amazon.in
Starting from ₹3,923₹3,923
Columbia men's nylon raincoat at amazon by goatop10

Columbia Men’s Nylon Raincoat

Modern classic fit is relaxed, but not sloppy, and perfect for everyday activities. Durable rain jacket provides waterproof protection. 
More info +
9178 Reviews in Amazon.in
Starting ₹ 3,439₹ 3,439
Best Mid Range
Wildcraft hypadry unisex rain cheater suit e plus-41310-goatop10

Wildcraft Hypadry Unisex Rain Cheater Suit E Plus (41310)

Suit up for the monsoons with the self packable Rain Cheater suits. It’s waterproof upto 2000mm and comes with sealed seams to keep you protected from moisture. It also features double flap pockets to keep your essentials dry and safe.

Wildcraft brand raincoat for men
More info +
260 Reviews in AMAZON.IN
₹ 1,499
10 best raincoat brands in india for men, april,2023

Wildcraft Men’s Light Blue/ Navy Hypadry Unisex Rain Jacket Suit 2 Tone (41308)

Material Specification: 100% Nylon
Elasticated waistband for a comfortable fit.
Sealed seams to prevent water seepage
Double flapped zippered pockets to protect zipper closure from rain.
Sealed seams to prevent water from seeping through
25 Reviews
₹ 2,699
Best Budget

ZEEL Mens Raincoat with Hood | Water Fighter-Rain Coat for Men | AZ06

Perfect Outdoor Companion: Come with a raincoat bag/cover for camping, hiking, bike riding, fishing, golf, and other outdoor sports during heavy rains.

Multiple Color Options

Superior Endurance: Our products made in either of Nylon, Synthetic fiber or PVC and contain heavy-duty zippers and buttons to make sure they are Tough and Durable.

Zeel brand raincoat for men
More info +
₹ 1,125
Price and availability of raincoat as on date of publishing of this post.
10 best raincoat brands in india for men, april,2023

Duckback Men’s Rubber Raincoat

The new and improved Duckback Original Premium Rain Wear keeps you dry and comfortable even in a downpour! The Duckback Raincoat for men is made from tough 100% polyester fabric that’s treated with a DWR finish to repel moisture and light stains. Plus, it’s fully seam-sealed and topped to ensure total waterproof, breathable protection.

Duckback brand raincoat for men
More info +
282 Reviews in amazon.in
Amazon brand - solimo water resistant polyester long rain coat

Amazon Brand – Solimo Water Resistant Polyester Long Rain Coat

Water-resistant and Durable. Prevents Water Seepage. Functional Design. Handy Zipper Bag
More info +
Out of 987 Reviews
₹ 649₹ 1599
Best Deal 50% OFF
10 best raincoat brands in india for men, april,2023

Men’s zoom regular Raincoat for men waterproof for Bike-Reversible Double layer with hood

You will also able to use while driving two wheeler even in Heavy rain.
₹ 999₹ 2000
10 best raincoat brands in india for men, april,2023

Wildcraft Rain Cheater Eco Suit – Olive (M)

This Rain Cheater is your one stop solution to everything rain. It is light weight, so you can effortlessly carry it in all your expeditions. It is waterproof up to 2000mm and blocks the cold winds making it the perfect partner for the unpredictable weather conditions monsoon is most known for.
77 Reviews
₹ 1,049

So guys! These Top 10 branded raincoats in India are worth buying and having in your wardrobe. After all, who doesn’t wish to go out and enjoy garma garm pakoda with chai during the monsoon? Just wear your favorite raincoat, call friends for a quick gettogether in your neighborhood chai ki tapri.

Share your weirdest monsoon experience in the comments section at below.

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FAQ – About Raincoat

What Is the Best Waterproof Raincoat?

The best waterproof jacket is the one that fits well, meets your needs, and provides reliable waterproofing. On this list, we have included several high-quality rain jackets.

When deciding which one to purchase, consider factors including the jacket’s waterproof rating, weight, durability, and extra features.

Do I Need to Take a Raincoat Hiking?

It is wise to always go into the outdoors prepared with a raincoat. Many rain jackets are light and packable, so you’ll hardly notice them in your pack during the hike. In wet and cold conditions, a good rain jacket can keep you comfortable and safe.

Is There a Breathable Raincoats?

Raincoats are designed to keep water out while still allowing your body’s moisture to escape as vapor. Unlike a trash bag or plastic poncho, rain jackets are semipermeable and are designed to keep you both cool and dry at the same time.

Still, a raincoat is certainly less breathable than other kinds of layers, and you can expect some heat and moisture to get trapped underneath.


Buyer’s Guide: Top 9 things to look for when buying a raincoat in 2021

There are a lot of raincoats on the market these days. And while having options is great, it can be overwhelming to choose. In this buyer’s guide, we’ll explain the most important factors to keep in mind when deciding on the best raincoat for men.


It’s important that your raincoat moves comfortably with you and does not overly restrict your movement. A comfortable raincoat will keep you dry without feeling annoying or cumbersome.

Small features usually define the overall comfort of a raincoat. For example, a hood that fully blocks peripheral vision will not be comfortable to use. Ideally, your raincoat will minimally limit your range of motion, and the interior lining will feel good against your skin.

Weight & Packed Size

Most people agree that weight is an important consideration for any piece of outdoor gear. If you’re going to be carrying your raincoat in a pack when it isn’t in use, you want it to be as light and compact as possible — without sacrificing usability. Many lightweight raincoats weigh less than a pound without sacrificing durability and functionality.

Many rainshells stuff easily into their own pockets and become barely larger than a baseball. Once packed down, it’s nice to have an external clip-in loop on the stuff sack — especially for multipitch rock climbing or backpacking. If your raincoat packs down conveniently, you’re more likely to bring it along and have it when it’s needed most.

Northface apex flex gtx rain jacket review
Testing waterproofing.

Level of Waterproofing

The water resistance of a raincoat will depend on its waterproof rating. The greater a jacket’s rating, the longer the fabric will keep water out. Raincoats with a rating between 1,000 and 2,000 mm should be generally capable of handling everyday front country use, like walking your dog around town in a light drizzle.

For outdoor adventures with severe weather, you’ll want to find a jacket with a waterproof rating between 5,000 mm and 30,000 mm. Jackets with lower ratings will likely need to be retreated more frequently.

Durable Water Repellent Finish (DWR)

Rain jackets are treated with a durable water repellent finish (DWR). These treatments prevent water from soaking into the fabric and instead cause moisture to bead up on the surface.

Once a jacket’s DWR wears off, it can usually be retreated with a fresh coating, although the factory standard is difficult to obtain.


A trash bag will keep you dry, but it will also make you sweat ’til you’re wet. And an unbreathable raincoat will do the same.

For short jaunts, you can get away with a less-breathable option. But for activities like hiking, you need a well-ventilated jacket.

Look for pit zips to quickly air out and materials that maintain water-repellency while remaining breathable.


It’s nice to have a well-placed pocket or two in your raincoat. However, more pockets mean more material, and more material means increased weight and decreased packability.

Also, pockets create seams that may also decrease the waterproof capability of the jacket. Still, it’s nice to at least have two hand pockets to keep your hands warm and dry in a storm.


Some raincoats have hoods that double as a convenient stuff sack. Generally, if it’s raining hard enough to warrant a raincoat, you’ll probably also have the hood up.

A well-designed hood should be strategically designed to offer full protection without limiting peripheral vision. It’s also important to ensure that your hood will fit over any helmet you may be wearing simultaneously.

Extra Features

Ultimately, a raincoat’s sole purpose is to keep moisture out. However, some jackets also include some extra features that add further value.

Some jackets come with features such as handwarmer pockets, large pit zips, and a roomy cut that allows space for warm layers underneath.


A rain jacket is designed to be exposed to the elements, and a good one will do its job without falling apart. As rain jackets become lighter, users should expect a dip in durability, too.

However, on this list, we have included raincoats that are both lightweight and reliable. A jacket that is abrasion-resistant will have much greater overall longevity.


Recommendation Best Raincoat Brand in India

Though it is a bit costly, but quality outweighs the price tag. And the winner is Columbia Men’s Solid Rain Jacket – The Best Raincoat brands in India 2021


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