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10 Facts About Lord Ganesha You May Want To Know !


Lord Ganesha is one of the most popular Hindu Gods in all the parts of the world. For any new beginnings you will see that every Hindu pray to lord Ganesha whether it’s a new business or a marriage. Well that isn’t because of good marketing!


Did you saw the movie OH MY FRIEND GANESHA?

If yes you must be knowing how Ganesha solves all the problems in their family. Interesting rituals performed by their maid Gangubai with the little boy Ashu. How the preparation starts for the festival? Visiting markets for shopping, preparing sweets like modak, decorating Ganapati using coconut bunch, diya, lightning, flower garlands and other decorations like putting up of a pandal. The whole family gets involved in the Arthi, Puja and Bhajan where Lord Ganesha is known for removal of all obstacles (dukh harta) hence also regarded as vignaharta.

The Ganapati Festival involves family taking part in different celebrations, competitions and activities like singing, dancing, and rangoli lightning, fireworks etc. The best part was the time of visarjana (immersion) the faith of the family on lord Ganesh becomes stronger forever.

Here are 10 Facts About Lord Ganesha, you would enjoy reading.

  1. Interesting Story behind The Birth of Lord Ganesh

Parvati Ganesha’s mother was just hanging outside Shiva’s mountain house. She decided to go and visit her husband but Shiva’s only attender Nandi blocked her. As Shiva was in deep Meditation and didn’t want any disturbance for no reason. Parvati was as depressed as she wanted someone to be with her all the time .so then she collected some clay and moulded to a beautiful person she could imagine and breath life in him and named him Ganesh (Ganapati).

  1. Unusual Looks : Elephant Head

We are all biased with the look Ganesha has. But it’s not true. Ganesha seems to be very handsome in his early days .One fine day Ganesha’s mother Parvati told Ganesh to guard her outside of the mountain as she was going to bathed. Since she was away Shiva came out of his deep meditation to see his wife he found a little boy poking and telling him not to go inside surprising Shiva he got furious and angry. They both got in to a battle and that’s how he chopped his head .from then he got an elephants head.

  1. How his Trunk Got Broke?

Interesting 10 Facts About Lord Ganesha, you all must have seen that .But it didn’t strike you all as to why our friend Ganu has a broken trunk. One day when Ganesha was guarding his father. Who was in deep meditation? A family friend came to visit. It was Parashurama an incarnation who was known for his temper. Ganesha had given a strict orders by his father Shiva. Ganu didn’t wanted to go against his father and he started stopping his way. Parashurama got as annoyed as he threw an axe on him. Ganu knowing that the axe was a gift from his father he allowed the axe to hit him that’s how he got a broken trunk.

  1. Significance of Lord Ganesh Puja in Hindu Community 

Lord Ganesha is one of the most popular Hindu Gods in all the parts of the world. For any new beginnings you will see that every Hindu pray to lord Ganesha whether it’s a new business or a marriage. Well that isn’t because of good marketing! Ganesh was actually the recipient of a boon (a wish) from another god. The boon allowed him to be more powerful and worshiped then his father. The Ganesha Konkani Marathi festival is popularly celebrated in Maharashtra and hence this special coverage of 10 facts about lord Ganesha.

  1. That Sweet Ride : Parents represents ” Whole World” 

Most people may not be aware of this. But almost every god has a vehicle or a trusty steed (called Vahanam in Sanskrit) then which is Ganesha’s vehicle? Have you ever notice the tiny mouse that always seems to with Ganesha that’s his trusty steed .Ganesha and his brother Karthikeya challenges each other to go for a round the world 3 times to see who comes first .His brother Karthikeya jumped on his huge bird and flew. Ganesha knew that his tiny mouse will not be able to carry him he applied his mind he took 3 rounds around his parents mother Parvati and completed the task. As your parents are your first God in the family. Looking at his intelligence he won the challenge and then his respected for his intelligence.

  1. Ganesha : The Writer, The Poet

Ganesha is known for his writing skills as well. As he wrote the whole poem of Mahabharata. The great sage Vyāsa requested Ganesha to write the poem but he agreed only on one thing that was he should dictate him the whole poem in one short as he knew it was very big and will consume a lot of time so Vyāsa agreed .However Vyāsa also found a loop hole to give Ganesha a break so he gave him big passages so that the Ganesha will be forced to take a break and ask questions in between.

     7.  The family Tree

Ganesha is a son of Shiva and Parvati .There is a lot of pressure in the family as Ganesha has an older brother Karthikeya who is the lord of war and victory. Everything is not easy for our god remover of obstacles (Vignahartha).

      8.  Ganesh : The Foodie

Among 10 Facts About Lord Ganesha,  Ganesha The Foodie Avatar is my favourite, being a foodie myself. Ganesha is a foodie he loves sweets what his mother Parvati is to prepare. He’s known for mhkan chor in the family. He loves this round sweet modak. Which is prepared at the time of Ganesh Chaturthi that is why every Ganesh Puja Prathana modak is offered to lord Ganesha.

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      9.  Shankh : Symbol and Sound 

Shank is also known as conch shell .The sound of shank is considered holy in Hindu deity prayers like Arthi, puja and bajan. Ganesha has four hands he holds this shank in one of his hand.

     10. Dhruva : The Three Blades Grass 

The green grass with three blades which is offered to lord Ganesh. The name duhuavam means it is far away and it brings closer. Dhruva is used in auspicious in the ritualistic worship of Deities, especially in the worship of Shri Ganesh ji.

Lord Ganesha is known in many names. Here is the list of 25 name out of 108 name of Ganesha is known as. Here you can find all 108 different names of Ganesha.

1Elephant-faced LordGajanana
2Lord of All Ganas (Gods)Ganadhyaksha
3Lord of All HindrancesVighnaraja
4Lord of AllVinayaka
5One who has two MothersDvaimatura
6Lord with two HeadsDwimukha
7Supreme Head of the UniversePramukha
8Auspicious FaceSumukha
9Lord of MusicKriti
10The God who gives happiness and moneySukhanidhi
11Sovereign of the GodsSuradhyaksha
12The Destroyer of the Enemies of DevasSurarighna
13Omnipotent and Supreme LordMahaganapati
14The big KalMahakala
15Enormously Strong LordMahabala
16Mother’s Beloved SonHeramba
17Big BelliedLambajathara
19First Among AllPrathama
21Creator of ObstaclesVighnakarta
22Demolisher of ObstaclesVignaharta
23Eye of the UniverseVishwanetra
24A big GodViratpati
25The Lord of FortuneShripati


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